End of Summer Party: Saturday September 23

The FSPA end-of-Summer 2017 party will be held at the home of Julie and Joe Schober in Great Falls, VA on Saturday, September 23, from 3 PM – 2 AM. As always, we’ll offer both fun AND amusement, party contests, good food, good friends, the giveaway of Eight Ball Champ to a lucky winner, and whatever other stuff we dream up. The usual RSVP/signup form will be sent out in a couple weeks.

Hope y’all will be able to join us!

All Leagues on Break for Pinburgh/ReplayFX

Just a quick reminder that all leagues are on ReplayFX/Pinburgh hiatus for the next week. Hopefully you’ll be competing and kicking butt up in Pittsburgh, but if not, you’ve got a week off from league. The next scheduled league night for any league is Wednesday, August 2, for VBH.

As always, you can refer to the “Coming Up” section here on FSPAzone, or visit your league’s page and check out the calendar to review your league’s schedule.

Safe travels and good luck to everyone playing in Pinburgh!