Mailing List

The FSPA provides a mailing list to communicate news of interest especially to FSPA league players, but also to all pinball fans in the Virginia/Maryland/Washington DC metro area (and beyond!). This includes notice of league events, weekly league results, and information about local/regional pinball events and tournaments. There is also a little bit of social chatter, though overall traffic is usually pretty low.

We encourage all players to join the FSPA mailing list to keep up to date with the latest news. To join the list, visit this page, and fill out the fields in the “Subscribing to FSPA” section.

If you really prefer to cut back on your e-mail clutter, we also offer a mailing list for only the most important league announcements, such as new season registration and cancellations due to weather. To join that list, visit this page, and fill out the fields in the “Subscribing to Announce” section. You should not subscribe to the Announce list if you’re already subscribed to the main FSPA list, as the FSPA list automatically receives all announcements.

Thanks for being part of the FSPA community!