CarPool: new league night and tournaments

Spake Bob Johnson:

CarPool will be moving the league to Tuesday nights. Week 0 for Summer will be May 15, 2018. The bar will be happier having us there on Tuesday and I think we’ll be happier not waiting for a bunch of old dudes showing each other pictures of fish. (Our pinball room is their party room and gets reserved on Thursdays.)

For those people who love WPPRs & playing on Thursday we will feature a tournament on the last Thursday of each month.

Rich has done the legwork (and moneywork) to set us up as a Stern Army location and we are having an Iron Maiden launch party on 5/6/18! We will have prizes to give away courtesy of Stern Pinball. The game looks amazing and it plays great as well so if you haven’t checked it out I suggest you mosey over to CarPool and check it out ASAP!!

RIP RZG, welcome CarPool

For the second time in the past year (ack!), one of our league locations has unexpectedly and abruptly shut down. This time it’s Red Zone Grill that bit the dust. Fortunately, our intrepid crew was on the ball and found another nearby location so quickly that there won’t even be a week off. The new location for Thursday night league is CarPool Fairfax:

12821 Fair Lakes Pkwy, Fairfax, VA 22033
(703) 222-7665

League play will be at its normal time of 8 PM Thursdays. Consider allowing a little extra time this week to find the new location.