CarPool: new league night and tournaments

Spake Bob Johnson:

CarPool will be moving the league to Tuesday nights. Week 0 for Summer will be May 15, 2018. The bar will be happier having us there on Tuesday and I think we’ll be happier not waiting for a bunch of old dudes showing each other pictures of fish. (Our pinball room is their party room and gets reserved on Thursdays.)

For those people who love WPPRs & playing on Thursday we will feature a tournament on the last Thursday of each month.

Rich has done the legwork (and moneywork) to set us up as a Stern Army location and we are having an Iron Maiden launch party on 5/6/18! We will have prizes to give away courtesy of Stern Pinball. The game looks amazing and it plays great as well so if you haven’t checked it out I suggest you mosey over to CarPool and check it out ASAP!!

CarPool league is cancelled for 3/22/18

NOVA is closed and we rely on them to judge whether it’s safe to play pinball or not.

This will push everything back a week so week 9 will be 3/29/18, week 10 will be 4/5/18 and playoffs will be 4/12/18.