Fall 2021 Season is Here!


All of our leagues are ready to start week #1 and get the Fall seasons officially underway!  We’re excited to get back to normality, and of course hoping that COVID doesn’t turn awful-er again.

Just a reminder that it is not too late to join any of our leagues!  It really helps us with week 1 setup if you register ahead of time… here are the registration links for all our locations:


Lost Rhinohttp://fspa.league.papa.org/eventRegistration/93

Mustang Sallyhttp://fspa.league.papa.org/eventRegistration/94



Note that every league except Spinners is starting week #1 THIS week.  Spinners is closed this Thursday, so week #1 there will be next Thursday, September 30.

In addition to having a blast competing at league pinball, and having the opportunity to win cash and prizes… everyone who completes the Fall season in any of our leagues gets all sorts of FREE goodies:

• Drawing entry for our giveaway gameJungle Lord!  This machine is on site at Ocelot right now, and we’ll be GIVING IT AWAY to a lucky winner after the conclusion of the Fall 2021 season!
• Free 25th Anniversary FSPA T-shirt!  YOU get a T-shirt, and YOU get a T-shirt… EVERYONE gets a T-shirt!  There have been several questions about this: yes, of course, we’ll be selling shirts (and/or hoodies and/or whatever else we wind up doing) to folks who don’t play this season, or folks who want more than their one free shirt.
• End of season party!  We will — hopefully — resume the usual end-of-season parties that you all know and love, a day of free food, free pinball, lots of fun!
• WPPR points, which… are pointy!

This season, all leagues have chosen to continue the summer’s experiment of dropping each player’s worst two (2) weeks, instead of allowing preplays.  If you miss a week or two for whatever reason, that 0 point total will obviously be one of your worst weeks and will be omitted from your point count for standings purposes (“Adjusted Points” as it’s shown on the score tracker).  If you have perfect attendance, your two lowest weeks will still be dropped, whatever those are.

As always, thanks for being part of the FSPA, none of this happens without you, the players.  Have a great Fall season!

FSPA League at Spinners Returns!

The note went out to those on the FSPA mailer for week 0, but there is still time to join for those interested in the FSPA pinball league operating at Spinners Arcade in Frederick, MD!

The league will be playing THURSDAYS at 8 PM.

Here’s the schedule:

Week 0: June 3 – Spinners open at 6pm
Week 1: June 10 – Spinners open at 6pm
Week 2: June 17 – new hours TBD
Week 3: June 24
Week 4: July 1
BREAK: July 8
Week 5: July 15
Week 6: July 22
Week 7: July 29
Week 8: August 5
Playoffs: August 12
Spare 1: August 19

Please register at this link: Spinners Registration!

League Due: $30 – Due week 1.
Spinners entry for league day (league members only) reduced to $5 for all day freeplay (paid weekly).
Total: $80 for the 8 weeks.

Some things have changed for this season only:
• We will have a shortened 8 week regular season, with 1 week of playoffs afterwards.
• There will be no tickets earned toward the giveaway machine.
• There will not be an end of season party. Dues will be reduced $10 to accommodate.
• No WPPR points will be earned for league play, because WPPR is not online yet.

Don’t worry if you missed Week 0 – it’s optional anyway!  Hope we see you THIS THURSDAY June 10th for week 1!