2017-2018 Giveaway Game!

The FSPA is now in our seventeenth year of giving away free pinball machines to our players! It doesn’t matter if you’re Tommy or a rank beginner, you get an equal chance of winning a pinball machine each year. All we want you to do is play in FSPA leagues! The 2017-2018 giveaway game is a gorgeous Gottlieb Aquarius. Want a chance to win it? Just play through a full season in the Red Zone Grill, Silverball Sanctum, Volleyball House, or VÜK leagues, in the Fall 2017, Spring 2018, or Summer 2018 seasons. The more seasons you play, the better your chance to win. There’s no easier way to win a free pinball machine!


Huge thanks to Joe Said and Spinners Pinball for hosting the FSPA end-of-season party! Spinners Pinball is very large and very impressive, and it’ll certainly be exciting to watch it develop. It was a terrific location for the party, and Joe was an extremely gracious host. We really appreciate it!

On the contest front, congrats to Mike Long for claiming victory on the Hercules speed (heh) challenge with a time of 36.35 sec, coming in on the very last entry to edge out Edan by 400 milliseconds… yikes! And congrats to Joe Schober for taking down the Guardians of the Galaxy unboxing battle with a score of 200.3M.

Hope everyone had a super fun day. Don’t forget that spring season excitement starts tomorrow, Monday Jan 15, with “week -1” at the brand new Silverball Sanctum in Sterling, VA. Hey, it’s a federal holiday, c’mon by and check out the place even if you can’t play there this season. And if you haven’t already, please sign up online for Spring season at your favorite location(s)… it really makes week #1 much easier and faster when everyone’s names are on the computer. Here are all the signup links for your convenience: