I’m sorry to announce that we are going to POSTPONE the end of Fall party that had been scheduled for next Saturday at Spinners. I’m calling this based on…

– a historically low level of “yes” responses at this point in the RSVP cycle
– the “no because COVID” responses outnumbered the “yes” responses

…both of which are, I imagine, due to the very high COVID positivity rates we’re still seeing throughout the area at this time.

We all want to get together and enjoy a party again! We will reschedule as soon as it seems sane. Stay tuned for updates.

The Jungle Lord giveaway will happen live when the party occurs.

Thanks to everyone for your patience in these frustrating times. Y’all stay safe and healthy out there!

Save the Date: FSPA Party: Sat Jan 22, 4 PM – midnight

Please mark your calendars for the FSPA Fall 2021 end-of-season party on Saturday, January 22, 2022, 4 PM – midnight, at Spinners in Frederick, MD. As always, this party is completely FREE to anyone who played through the Fall 2021 season in any FSPA league. Guests who did not play in the Fall season are welcome to join us; we will collect $20/guest to cover expenses. We will have the mix of FSPA party fun that y’all know and love — food and drinks through the day, lots of pinball, party contests, and the giveaway drawing for a lucky league player to win Williams Jungle Lord!

Of course, we are well aware that there is still an ongoing pandemic, one that is having yet another surge of cases, and whose status is changing daily… a month from now, this wave may have fizzled as quickly as it struck, or we could be in a world of hurt — who knows. We’ll be monitoring this situation and will adjust plans accordingly if needed — up to and including deferring the party — based on governmental orders and recommendations, common sense precautions, etc. This does include the likelihood of some altered protocols around how we serve food, since 50 people sticking their paws into a serving platter is perhaps not the wisest idea these days.

We’ll send out the usual call for RSVPs soon.

Thanks, and happy holidays to you all!