Volleyball House (VBH)

Sadly, after 20 years of hosting FSPA events, Volleyball House (VBH) in its current incarnation has closed its doors for the last time. The FSPA is extremely grateful to VBH for their terrific support.

The VBH brand has been taken over by new owners, who are creating a new indoor sports location in Anne Arundel County, and are interested in continuing to host pinball once they open. Unfortunately, Anne Arundel County is extremely antagonistic toward coin-op gaming, imposing licensing fees that are far more expensive than we could possibly afford. We will continue to explore our options at “VBH2” or other venues in Maryland. Stay tuned to FSPAzone for updates.

Meanwhile, please consider playing at other FSPA leagues, including Mom’s Organic Pinball (College Park, MD), Spinners (Frederick, MD), and VÜK (Bethesda, MD).