2018 Schedules are Posted

Calendars (schedules) for all FSPA leagues for all of 2018 are now posted under each league’s page. (The front page also always lists the next upcoming event for each league.) The starting dates for Spring 2018 are:

Red Zone Grill: week 0 = Thu Jan 18 @ 8 PM
Silverball Sanctum (new Sterling location): week -1 = Mon Jan 15 @ 8 PM … yes, that’s -1 … Edan added an extra pre-week to break in the new location. No preplays will be allowed on this evening, just a chance to find the location, test out the games, etc.
VBH: week 0 = Wed Jan 17 @ 8 PM
VÜK: week 0 = Sun Jan 21 @ 5 PM

BTW, this is a convenient time to remind everyone that the league schedules are shared Google Calendars and can be subscribed from the Calendar app on your phone, tablet, or computer, so you always have the league schedules in a convenient place. URLs are provided on each league’s page here on fspazone.org.