Spinners: Summer league update

The Summer League at Spinners starts with Week Zero on 5/17! These are the games we project will be the initial subset of games that will be used in league this season from the vast assortment that are available. While it is possible that other games may be introduced or taken out of this list, there will always be an announcement of any change and one weeks notice given;


Guardians of the Galaxy Pro
Star Wars Pro
Big Guns
Strikes and Spares
Star Trek Premium
Demolition Man
Game of Thrones Pro


I’m also pleased to be able to tell you that beer and wine will be available for purchase for those of you who are inclined to have an adult beverage while you play. No BYOB though please. As always, pizza delivery is available from Papa John’s at a discount.


Spinner’s will open no later than 7pm on league nights going to whenever, but likely stay open no later than midnight. Please remember that there is no coin drop at this location and a suggested minimum donation of $5 to the location is requested to cover the costs of hosting the league, maintaining the games etc. More would certainly be appreciated if you are so inclined…..


If you are interested but have not yet signed up, no time like the present to do that via the link below!