MOM’s Monday league postponed for two weeks

MOM’s league is postponed for the next two weeks. We’ve decided that since UMCP, our bellwether school for closures and whatnot, has cancelled in-person classes that we would follow suit. We’re going to start with the two spare weeks already built into the schedule and see where things go from there. Keep an eye out for further announcements.

Note that this does NOT apply to the Friday night tournaments. They will communicate their status via their Facebook page.

New League! MOM’s Organic Pinball

Local organic grocery magnate Scott Nash had a dream: To bring location pinball back to his hometown of College Park, MD. So while remodeling his College Park store, he set aside a large chunk of it as a dedicated pinball room with 30 games and space for a lot more! And with a place like that to play pinball, we start a league there.
The inaugural season of the MOM’s Organic Pinball League meets Mondays at 7:30pm. Week 0 for practice and preplays is September 10th, and Week 1 is September 17th. Go here for all the deets!