VUK start time changing to 4:30 Sunday

VÜK will changing its start time permanently to 4:30 on Sundays. This is not something I really anticipated or wanted, but the unexpected number of players this season necessitated action. The plan was to make more gradual changes to the league to try to get it to run faster, but the mostly positive feedback to a time change was a huge factor.

With a 4:30 start time, that means game picks will start at 4pm… if you’re supposed to get a game pick, it will benefit you to be there on time.

To help mitigate any confusion, on Feb 11th if any players are late because they were unaware of the time change, they will be able to post-play games after normal league play has concluded. Normal post-play rules will apply.

Gonna Fly Now!

Flyin’ high now! After taking the Fall season off, league flyers are back for 2018! Spread the word about competitive pinball. Post ’em at your venue! Give ’em to friends! Leave ’em in stores! Drop ’em from airplanes! There is one for each location (available on their respective pages) and a general one for all locations below.

FSPA All Locations Flyer