Gonna Fly Now!

Flyin’ high now! After taking the Fall season off, league flyers are back for 2018! Spread the word about competitive pinball. Post ’em at your venue! Give ’em to friends! Leave ’em in stores! Drop ’em from airplanes! There is one for each location (available on their respective pages) and a general one for all locations below.

FSPA All Locations Flyer

Tournament at VÜK July 22nd!

Mark Saturday, July 22nd at 1pm on your calendars for the VUK July Knockout Extravaganza, Now With Extra Toppings!

This will be a four strike knockout tournament, played in groups of four. The top two scores in each match win, and the bottom two scores each receive a strike. No extra balls.

Entry fee is $10 USD. 100% of entry fees are paid out as prizes to 1st through 4th place (40%-30%-20%-10%).

And show up the next day after league (~6:30pm) for our normal Sunday two strike tournament! And then go to Pittsburgh to play some more pinball! DO IT.