New Sterling location coming soon: Roland’s Place

News from Roland Joyal, reposted from the FSPA mailing list:

After a lot of false starts & stops with other established commercial locations, and a lot of searching and research for my own Pincade place, I have secured a place for FSPA/Sterling league and misc tournaments to play. All negotiations and due diligence has been completed and a lease was signed. This is a going to be a pin haven for pinball people run by a pinball person, and as such I will do almost all maintenance myself. My intention is to not only have this as the Sterling/Loudoun League location, but also as a “club house” or hangout for the league, and as such, it will be manned by volunteers under limited hours. Continue reading “New Sterling location coming soon: Roland’s Place”

Thanksgiving week break

Just a reminder that all leagues are on break for the next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. The next scheduled meet for any FSPA league is Sterling Refugees week #10, on Monday, November 27.

You can always visit this web page for scheduling info, and even subscribe to your league’s schedule in the calendar app on your phone or computer.