Mighty Mikes League will be completed at Red Zone Grill

As many of you know, Mighty Mikes had closed down and we still have two weeks left in the season.

Roland is still working to get another league location firmed up, in the meantime we will play out our remaining meets of the season at Red Zone Grill.

I had considered several options for how to handle this situation, and I decided that finishing this season at Red Zone is the best option.  It allows us to stay on a normal-ish schedule, still have six machines in the lineup, and is the closest alternative location to most Mighty Mikes players.

We will still play on Monday nights at 8:00pm, although I will add an extended grace period for any players who needs more time to commute or if they are arriving late.

If you need to use preplays, you will need to record your preplays on the machines at Red Zone (including Ghostbusters, since every machine plays different).  If you need to use preplays for this Monday and you are not able to record preplays at RZ in time, please contact me and I’ll see if we can find a solution to this.

Information (Hours and Address) about Red Zone can be found here, http://www.redzonegrill.com/contact.asp

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at RZ on Monday (the 7th).

Also, if anyone knows of any players who are not on the E-Mail list, please forward this message to them.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me.
Edan Grossman

All Leagues on Break for Pinburgh/ReplayFX

Just a quick reminder that all leagues are on ReplayFX/Pinburgh hiatus for the next week. Hopefully you’ll be competing and kicking butt up in Pittsburgh, but if not, you’ve got a week off from league. The next scheduled league night for any league is Wednesday, August 2, for VBH.

As always, you can refer to the “Coming Up” section here on FSPAzone, or visit your league’s page and check out the calendar to review your league’s schedule.

Safe travels and good luck to everyone playing in Pinburgh!