Tournament at VÜK July 22nd!

Mark Saturday, July 22nd at 1pm on your calendars for the VUK July Knockout Extravaganza, Now With Extra Toppings!

This will be a four strike knockout tournament, played in groups of four. The top two scores in each match win, and the bottom two scores each receive a strike. No extra balls.

Entry fee is $10 USD. 100% of entry fees are paid out as prizes to 1st through 4th place (40%-30%-20%-10%).

And show up the next day after league (~6:30pm) for our normal Sunday two strike tournament! And then go to Pittsburgh to play some more pinball! DO IT.

More new games!

It’s a good week for new games for our leagues.  The Ghostbusters that arrived at Mighty Mike’s a few weeks ago is now up and running.  And over at VÜK, they’ve just installed a new Attack From Mars Premium remake.  Come visit these league locations and give these machines some play!