Fall End of Season Party, Feb 4th!

The Fall End of Season Party is coming to Mustang Sally Brewing Company at 14140 Parke Long Ct A-C in Chantilly, VA on Saturday, February 4th from 4 – 10 PM.  The event is free for everyone who played through week 5 of the Fall 2022 season in any FSPA league. There will be food, games, and fun!
If you’re planning on joining us, please sign up ASAP — but no later than Tuesday, Jan 31st — at <http://fspa.league.papa.org/eventRegistration/123>.
Need more info? Contact rob@fspazone.org. See you there!

Spring League Sign-ups!

Howdy everyone! It’s time for the winter/spring season to start at our five locations! Sign up with the links below and come out and have some fun. This is your first chance to earn an entry to win a the 2023 pinball giveaway machine, so play in multiple leagues to enhance your chances!

Carpool League, Arlington, VA
Week 0-January 30, Week 1-February 6
Mondays at 8PM: http://fspa.league.papa.org/eventRegistration/118

Mustang Sally League, Chantilly, VA
Week 0-January 24, Week 1-January 31
Tuesdays at 7:30PM: http://fspa.league.papa.org/eventRegistration/120

Silverball Sanctum at Lost Rhino League, Ashburn, VA
Week 0-January 25, Week 1-February 1
Wednesdays at 7:30PM: http://fspa.league.papa.org/eventRegistration/121

MOM’s Organic Pinball League, College Park, MD
Week 0-January 18, Week 1-January 25
Wednesdays at 7:30PM: http://fspa.league.papa.org/eventRegistration/119

Spinners League, Frederick, MD
Week 0-January 19, Week 1-January 26
Thursdays at 8PM: http://fspa.league.papa.org/eventRegistration/122